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Security in the wake of a revolution

Immediate protection, transportation,
and evacuation in Cairo - full case study

Protection, Preparation and Response

Ensuring your security around the world.

Security and Consulting Services You Can Count On.

From global executive protection and special event security
to crisis management and continuity planning, Secure Source has the
experience and capabilities to protect your business.

Secure Source International LLC. A sole-source provider of security risk mitigation.

Global security solutions

Combining the best of government and private sector experience to address any security related need on any continent.

Our global network of highly trained security specialists provide Secure Source clients with the best of both worlds: the highest caliber resources and expertise of a multi-national security operation and the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and client-centric culture of a small, elite firm. Secure Source is the link between the client and the specialty security services needed to achieve both international and domestic business objectives.

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Our case studies

Secure Source does not disclose the names of our clients for confidentiality purposes, but our case studies reflect the broad spectrum of value we provide to our clients across industries and organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

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The Value of Due Diligence

Quickly uncovering a questionable reputation

Katrina Case Study

Protecting people and facilities during one of America's worst disasters

Special Event Security

Coordinating security for the millennium celebration

Executive Protection

Turning a bad situation into an opportunity