Case Studies

Offering a broad spectrum of value across industries and organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Case Studies

Our case studies reflect the broad spectrum of value we provide to our clients across industries and organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, as well as across solution areas from risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments, major event security and executive protection planning, to civil and criminal investigations, corporate due diligence, and corporate business intelligence. As a matter of confidentiality SSI does not disclose a client list; however, the following case studies will reflect our proven success.


  • Security Master Planning & Technology Improvements
    • Security Master Planning Industrial PictureAs a global enterprise with over 100 locations worldwide and 50,000 people to protect, our client's CSO engaged Secure Source as an independent third party to perform security vulnerability assessments at its key facilities. The client realized it had expanded technical security systems around the world in a non-standardized fashion resulting in plants and facilities operating with many different proprietary technologies. Our assessment and gap analysis led to the integration of all facilities onto one platform and the development of standards relating to the guard force, employee training, and incident management. Overall, the project had a positive return-on-investment with tangible financial benefits to their business.


  • Security in the Wake of Disaster (Mobile, AL; New Orleans & Baton Rouge, LA.)
    • Hurrican Katrina Security Response PictureFollowing Hurricane Katrina, Secure Source received numerous requests to immediately provide armed security in New Orleans. Within 48 hours, Secure Source deployed over 50 armed security specialists to safeguard people and facilities. Clients included news agencies, grain terminals, manufacturing plants, law firms, and hotels located within the devastated areas. Secure Source personnel were self-contained with vehicles, satellite communications, GPS, and all the credentials needed to freely operate in any restricted area. Following the disaster, SSI was cited by a number of clients for providing exemplary service under extremely harsh conditions.


  • Security in the Wake of an Earthquake (Haiti)
    • Haiti Local Security Assistance PictureIn the aftermath of the tragic 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Secure Source provided immediate local security assistance to news agencies and emergency personnel in and around Port-Au-Prince. Our local in-country security teams were immediately available with satellite communications, security drivers, armored vehicles, and armed protection personnel which allowed our clients to safely move about the area to cover the news and to provide assistance to local Haitians. Amid violence and looting, Secure Source was credited with efficiently protecting people and assets over a 60-day period following the initial disaster.


  • Security in the Wake of a Revolution (Cairo)
    • When the 2011 revolution took place in Egypt, Secure Source was called to assist with the evacuation of personnel from Cairo. With satellite telephones and personnel on the ground, Secure Source security personnel were able to provide immediate protection, transportation, and evacuation counseling and services to numerous multinational clients.

  • The Value of Due Diligence
    • Due Diligence Investigation PictureConducting due diligence inquiries before getting too enamored with a deal has proven to be a “best practice”. Consider that an Secure Source client, a multinational energy company in the initial stage of a high profile equity investment, expends substantial amounts of time and money conducting its preliminary analysis over a period of 6 months prior to researching the reputation and integrity of the targeted business. At the 11th hour, just prior to issuing a check for millions of dollars, the Senior VP of Acquisitions inquired about the results of the investigative due diligence only to discover that it was never conducted. The young, intelligent project manager, fully committed to the deal, was convinced an investigation would be a total waste of time. However, at the insistence of his supervisor, Secure Source International was contacted and quickly uncovered the questionable reputation of the target company's president who was in the midst of a bitter divorce as well as numerous other serious financial problems. By fully documenting previous bankruptcies and with a past record of deceitful practices, Secure Source's investigation convinced the project manager to terminate the negotiations.

  • Executive Protection (turning a bad situation into an opportunity for security to shine)
    • Executive Protection PictureFollowing a long day of rigorous meetings in Washington D.C., the CEO of a major corporation was escorted by an Secure Source security agent and driver to the airport FBO where he boarded his private aircraft for the trip home. Within minutes of its taxi out of sight, the aircraft returned with a mechanical problem. Upon returning to the terminal, the CEO, surprised to see the SSI agent and driver still in the lobby, was grateful to learn that Secure Source protocol provides coverage until a client aircraft was actually airborne. Exhausted and frustrated, the CEO was happy to be escorted back to the hotel until departure on the following day. In the meantime, the Secure Source agent took the initiative to approach the captain of another flight with the same FBO destination, inquiring about extra space for his CEO. All parties approved the change in plans and a very grateful CEO, able to meet his original schedule for returning home, wrote a personal note of appreciation to the Director of Security of his corporation.

  • Enterprise Security
    • Enterprise Security Response PictureShortly after the events of 9/11, Secure Source Principal, David Nicastro, was selected as the interim Director of Corporate Security for a multi-national energy conglomerate. A year earlier, while consulting with this client, Mr. Nicastro delivered a compelling case on the value of retaining a Chief Security Officer, which the client did not immediately embrace. Mr. Nicastro and a team of Secure Source specialists then conducted vulnerability assessments at business critical refineries and facilities and quickly developed an Enterprise Security Program. Following a six-month engagement, Secure Source was asked to perform an Executive Search to fill the newly-created position of CSO and provided three qualified candidates compatible with the unique culture of the organization. Nine years after that placement, the individual continues to serve at the management level and has been credited with saving the company millions of dollars.

  • Breaching Security
    • Over the years, Secure Source has been engaged on numerous occasions to breach the physical security of a structure in order to test the effectiveness of an existing security program. In fact, Secure Source Principal David Nicastro, often speaks on the topic of staged penetration exercises using Secure Source experts to demonstrate how easy it is to penetrate “secure” companies without the use of tools or electronic devices, thereby building a compelling case for proactively improving security processes and procedures in order to better protect a client's most important asset. Spending millions of dollars on security guards, cameras, electronic access control, and alarm systems, does not guarantee adequate protection of employees or proprietary assets.

  • Audio Countermeasures Sweeps
    • One of Secure Source’s clients had expended many hours trying to locate a “government agency-cleared” technical security countermeasures (TSCM) specialist to sweep their boardroom prior to a sensitive boardmeeting. Accessing its roster of vetted TSCM specialists around the world, Secure Source easily identified an appropriate individual in the correct geographical location for the client, conducted the sweep, and monitored the meeting for any emanating transmissions. Secure Source continues to conduct similar assessments for clients in locations around the world.

  • Special Event Security
    • (Dallas 2000 - The Pegasus Millennium Celebration, Dallas, Texas) In late 1999, Secure Source was engaged to coordinate security for the lighting of the Pegasus at the Millennium Celebration in downtown Dallas. In anticipation of Y2K issues and terrorist threats, other cities, such as Seattle, had already cancelled their festivities. Secure Source Principal David Nicastro, consulted with the City of Dallas to develop a disaster preparedness plan, and coordinated the services of off-duty police, emergency personnel, and screeners to safely screen 45,000 ticketed attendees, as well as musicians and entertainers, to the free city event, including musicians and entertainers, and covering a 6-block area in the heart of Dallas.

  • Fraud Examination & Investigation
    • A Secure Source client, with restaurants throughout the southern United States, was experiencing significant maintenance cost over-runs and the company Audit Committee called for an investigation. At the center of the problem was the Chief Engineer responsible for overseeing repairs and maintenance at all company locations. Although no criminal complaint had ever been filed, and there was no criminal record, Secure Source quickly discovered that the Engineer was a source of concern in his previous employment. Soon after this discovery, Secure Source experts uncovered a “boiler room” scheme defrauding our client by directing all work orders through one single supplier in Virginia. The vendor, also the Engineer’s brother-in-law, with only two employees simply contracted for services and tripled the amount of each invoice. Our final report disclosed the scheme and exposed the engineer and the vendor as equal partners in crime. Secure Source was instrumental in recovering a significant amount of money for the client and in obtaining a felony conviction of the employee.