Top Line - January 20, 2021


Rather than dwell on the past year and how the pandemic, civil unrest, and the economy continues to be a very challenging and sad time for all of us, we feel that now is the time to be optimistic about the future.  2021 brings the hope of a slowing pandemic. Employment levels will increase, restaurants and small businesses will prosper, schools will re-open, and families will come together again. 

Today marks the inauguration of President Joseph Biden Jr. Amidst the current issues facing the United States, there is a corrosive problem for the Biden administration to fix, namely divisiveness. An invisible line of demarcation has eroded America’s cultural values resulted in a flurry of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and misinformation.  We hope that the incoming  Administration can right the ship of American democracy and bring the US people together again.

These are certainly unprecedented times and the challenges ahead are vast. 

We anticipate that there will be a number of security challenges before things return to a steady state.  If you are concerned that your facilities or employees are threatened by protestors or persons of interest, or should you need timely and accurate real-time information in which to make critical decisions relating to emerging issues within the US or overseas, Secure Source is here to help with our range of bespoke services, designed to fit your specific requirements.

Question to Consider:

As fringe actors move away from banned social media, threats become harder to monitor. Has your company developed a primary, secondary, and tertiary plan to actively monitor and prevent threats? Consider utilizing our Accepted Risk tool to actively monitor such threats and trends,  along with real-time COVID-19 policies and procedures.  



In Washington State, Microsoft is converting its headquarters into a mass vaccination site.

Websites have popped up giving work-from-home tips as people maintain professional distance.

A recent blog has broken down the supply chain of COVID vaccines.

In line with tracking, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust has begun using blockchain to track COVID vaccines.

A website was created to “debunk” myths.

World Events

The Taliban continues to gain control in Afghanistan and are reportedly in a stronger military position now than at any point since 2001

Accusations of terror funds being laundered in the UK were recently brought to light.

The Russian political critic, Alexei Navalny, was recently arrested. Prior to his flight, Navalny had recovered from being poisoned by cholinesterase inhibitors, or ‘nerve agent’.

Question to Consider:

Companies with an interest in defense, technology, aerospace, and telecommunications may be prime targets of foreign state actors. What steps has your company taken to protect confidential data, and employee records? SSI have a range of counter-intelligence services at our disposal, including covert due diligence, penetration testing, and technical surveillance counter-measures.


U.S. Events: Domestic Threats

Domestic terror threats have been growing.

A U.S. soldier was arrested for planning an ISIS strike on the 9/11 Memorial.

Political extremists have been identified as committing 67% of domestic terror acts in 2020, and a growing number of U.S. federal and state threat assessments have concluded that domestic terrorism could persist in the United States for the foreseeable future, including in 2021 and beyond.

Question to Consider:

Companies should be aware of the multiple riots and protests that have occurred over the past 12 months and how emergency services were unable to contain the threats. Does your company have a tested crisis management plan with a view toward these threats?


TRUSTED RESOURCES: for numbers & guidance

Johns Hopkins University – Coronavirus Resource Center

World Health Organization – COVID-19 Pandemic

Center for Disease Control – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please contact Secure Source International at to schedule a leadership roundtable with our intelligence and security experts to dive into these topics and discuss security and safety related best-practices. 


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