Top Line - November 04, 2020


With the presidential race still undecided, what would happen if either candidate refuses to concede the election?  In this video, political commentator, and former White House Advisor, Anthony Kabel “Van” Jones discusses just that.  According to Jones, under the U.S. Constitution, a legal battle ensues.  And unless the vote is totally one-sided, the outcome could then move away from the popular vote, and the electoral college, into an “elite selection” process that would occur in the House of Representatives. 

In what is being called the largest voter turnout in 120 years of American history, Donald Trump has already claimed victory.  Even as votes are being tallied, the President is alleging fraud and calling for a recount in Wisconsin.  No matter what side of the aisle you are on, the stage is set for a long, drawn-out process that could possibly take months to resolve and certainly lead to violence and civil unrest. 

Until there is a concession speech by either one of the candidates, our democracy and the peaceful transition of government will be in limbo.  If that happens, battle lines will likely be drawn across a nation that is already deeply divided.   Organizations that have already been identified by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security as posing the most ‘lethal and persistent threat’ to our national security could wreak havoc should a situation unfold. 

Against the backdrop of surging COVID-19 cases, racial inequality, the controversy of defunding police and an economy in peril, the potential for violence and riots is unprecedented.  If Donald Trump loses the vote, and does not concede, this could cause a constitutional crisis and epic divisiveness across America.   While we hope that this outcome does not become a reality, business leaders should start planning for this possible development.

Question to Consider:

How would this scenario impact your business and what added security risks would business leaders need to mitigate, and prepare for, until there is a peaceful transition of power in the US? 



COVID-19 cases are hitting record numbers throughout the United States and Europe.  Now is the worst possible time for mass protests, and large gatherings of people in public places.  While everyone wants to reopen businesses, schools and sporting events, some states are enacting new restrictions as the pandemic rages on. 

Companies such as Accepted Risk International LLC, a Secure Source partner, are developing solutions to help businesses get a handle on new restrictions and visualize emerging risks



The potential for both violence and property destruction related to the U.S. 2020 elections is very likely to occur until the battle for the Presidency comes to a peaceful transition of power.  Just the way it normally does.  But as we all now know, there is nothing normal about 2020. 

Unemployed Americans and businesses in dire financial straits are hoping for another Economic Relief Package to pass Congress before the end of the year.

There has been a global increase in cyberattacks since COVID-19 social distancing measures began and working remotely is not likely to end soon.    There has been a global increase in cyberattacks due to the criminal opportunities provided by remote working.

With the results of the presidential race closely contested, what does this say for the future of political polls in America?


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