POI Investigation - LATAM


Following the acquisition of a business in a major South American city, a clients internal audit discovered that covert payments had been made to a local “fixer” and, as a result, the CEO was terminated. Shortly after, a well-dressed gentleman appeared at the office and asked to meet with the new CEO. The gentleman explained that he had been instrumental in obtaining lucrative contracts. The CEO explained that the business was recently acquired, and his services were no longer needed. The gentleman argued that the business needed him “in ways they couldn’t comprehend.”  The CEO told him that their decision was final.

The gentleman, upon exiting, remarked, “You have a beautiful family, I hope they live a long, happy life.” Secure Source was hired to investigate and quickly determined, through link-analysis and OSINT, that the ‘fixer’ was connected to dangerous individuals with a history of violence. Additional security was provided to mitigate the threat.

As a result, the client revamped their processes and now conducts more thorough due diligence, using Secure Source as a resource.