Travel Escorts & Planning - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


A well-known social media company was sending executives to a technology conference in Riyadh that was to be attended by Saudi Royalty. The executives had never visited Saudi Arabia and were concerned that their itinerary would be disrupted due to a lack of understanding of the culture and in-country customs. Secure Source allocated a local team consisting of a trained Security Driver and an Executive Protection Officer. The operators were bilingual (English/Arabic) and experienced in the protocols of supporting Western business leaders in Riyadh, and within the surrounding area. Secure Source's Executive Protection Officer provided discreet security as well as facilitation services. Detailed route reconnaissance was conducted before every journey and the American businessmen were transported between venues in the most efficient means possible. The VIPs attended their conference and all side meetings safely and efficiently without incident. Assisted by our personnel, they traveled stress free and were able to complete their itinerary without any undue, non-business related incidents.